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Traits of successful agents, trait 1 - CONFRONTATION.

The daily activities of a real estate practitioner is normally filled with confrontation of all types and shapes. It can be as early as when the agent introduce him/her to a potential seller when the discussion needs to start with the price of the property. It can be a the stage of closing the sale agreement when the price needs to be negotiated, to name a few. It is highly likely that the agent will face opposition at any stage of concluding a sale of a property.

Property practitioners therefor needs very good verbal skills, moments of discomfort during a confrontation where silent moments can be used very strategically, is a great skill to have. Successful property practitioners shows no fear of losing during these type of confrontations.  Luckily negotiation skills can be taught. To be an effective negotiator you need to understand both parties wants and needs, stay flexible and always have options, foreseeing offers or the counter of an offer and use power of pursuasion to encourage buyers and sellers to respond to offers.

Successful property practitioners have to come to grip with the idea that confrontation is part of their daily life. Instead of wasting valuable energy and time trying to "wing" a deal or even worse trying to avoid it, they actually go out of their way by honing their skill set. As there is always confrontation on the horison, at least they will be better prepared for the next confrontation. 

Practioners in real estate will have to embrace and learn how to deal with confrontation. Some agents thrive on the confrontation because they see it as yet another challenge that they need to overcome to close that sale.   

Author: Deon de Swardt

Submitted 28 Feb 19 / Views 1864