Can technology close the deal?

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We found ourselves today in the era of information technology, with fantastic advancements that have been made in the last decade to add amazing value to the lives of real estate professionals. The notion of technology disrupting the real estate industry is so far from the truth that it is in fact only the disrupters that believes it! One have yet to see how technology will conclude the sale of a property. In this business there is still nothng that beats local knowledge, network of database over a period of many years, identifying the need of buyers and sellers, advise the public on what areas are the best to invest in, what has transpired over the last decade or two in certain areas and so the type of information that buyers or sellers are looking for goes on. Technology cannot and will never replace the quality of information that a real estate professional possess. 

The best strategy to follow by any individual who wants to buy or sell property is to start of by identifying the most experienced real estate brand and office with the best reputation. The technology that is available on internet is there to add value not to disrupt your progress in finding the best possible real estate professional who will be able to assist you in finding you the best property that meet your requirements.       

Author: Deon de Swardt

Submitted 10 Oct 17 / Views 888