3 Steps towards a zero-waste household

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Herewith a couple of new habits in becoming more eco-conscious. Considering that 38 million tonnes of waste in South Africa is recyclable which can be worth R17Billion of resources, it is maybe worth a while to read further.

1.       Disposable items

Start buying products in bulk because it will reduce the amount of unnecessary waste created by throwing away smaller items more frequently. Find items that have no packaging waste, items that can be reused or refilled when the contents has been depleted.


2.       Waste that can be reused

Those items especially from the kitchen that so often ends up at the landfill can be used in your own backyard. You can create your own fertilizer mix from egg boxes, old newspapers, teabags and coffee grounds, as well as egg shells and veggie scraps. Remember to mix it often !


3.       Homemade solutions

White vinegar diluted in water is great for cleaning all sorts of surfaces as its acidity is strong enough to dissolve dirt, soap scum and hard water deposits without marking the surface. These type of solutions can easily be made in in a reusable glass container at home instead of purchasing another bottle of detergent.


It will take a while like any new habit in life to get used to, but the long term effect will make it entirely worth the effort.       

Author: Deon de Swardt

Submitted 07 Aug 18 / Views 1178